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Putting it all Together.

The Assembly Plant aims supplies each customer with the particular model ordered, with all the options, personalised features and specifications. This calls for an extremely high standard, not only in the assembly plant but also in production and vehicle delivery management.

Customising our Cars
At Plant Rosslyn, associates on the assembly line are skilled in adding all the features ordered by our customer to the ready-painted body shell. One of the major activities on the assembly line occurs at the marriage point: the point at which the engine and drive train are "married" to the body of the vehicle.

Improvements made on the assembly line have made it possible for Plant Rosslyn to produce all the 3 Series 4-door model derivatives and option requirements for both the local and export markets. The investment in such areas has reduced equipment and machine downtime, thereby remarkably improving productivity in the Plant.

Areas of Improvement.

Painted Body Selectivity Bank

The painted body selectivity bank handles the selection of painted bodies into the assembly plant. The addition of a random selectable storage bank resulted in the original system's capabilities being enhanced through the assembly area.

Aided Assembly Processes
The upgrade allowed for process modifications that that now include the sunroof, battery, seat and exhaust handling and assembly equipment, as well as improvements to the door handling equipment.

Our Suppliers
Producing hundreds of uniquely customised vehicle every day places additional demands on the assembly line suppliers and supply systems, which between them bring more than 60% of the components of each car to the line. Just in time (JIT) supply processes ensure that certain parts of the vehicle arrive on the assembly line just in time to be fitted to the particular vehicle they were made for.

The seat supply conveyor and handling system as well as the bumper supply area have been upgraded. New JIT supply systems bring door panels, exhaust systems and front and rear axles to the right point on the assembly line.

Using a JIT supply system saves space by minimising stock on the premises. Typically, there is only one and a half hours worth of stock on the line at any given time. This prevents damage to stock and saves on storage and transport costs.