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The BMW plant in Berlin is one of the BMW Group's oldest production locations. Like its Munich headquarters, BMW's history in Berlin began with the construction of airplane engines in 1939. The engines for the legendary JU 52 were built here.

The production of motorcycle parts at the river Spree commenced in 1949. The parts produced in Berlin were delivered to the motorcycle assembly plant in Munich. 1967 marked the beginning of the transferral of motorcycle production from Munich to Berlin, which was completed with the inauguration of the engine assembly plant in 1969.

In 2011, more than 110,000 motorcycles of various types featuring 1-, 2-, 4- or 6-cylinder engines came off the assembly lines in Berlin. The Berlin plant's workforce comprising 1,900 employees produces not only motorcycles. Since 1979 they have also been engaged in the manufacture of components for BMW's world-spanning automobile production. In 2011, over 6,1 million brake disks for all kinds of BMW production vehicles were manufactured there.

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