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Eisenach Plant.

In July 1990, the BMW Group decided to erect a site for producing large metalworking tools in Eisenach, Germany, a city with a long tradition of making automobiles. The plant opened on March 10, 1992, and has about 235 employees.

The Eisenach plant makes large tools needed in the production of middle-sized and large metal body parts such as hoods, doors, mudguards, and tops. Its spectrum of services also includes mechanisation, flanging tools, engineering services, design models, manufacture of prototyping tools and parts, as well as series pressing for small series. Work is also being done here on innovative areas such as aluminium stretch form, hydro-mechanical reforming, and piecework-optimised tools.

The Eisenach plant profits from a complete process-chain starting from design consultation through to the finished tools. All possibilities provided by highly specialized technology - from CAD simulation up to high-speed cutting (HSC) - are taken advantage of.

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