Plant Tour Booking

Kindly note that due to facility upgrades at Plant Rosslyn, we are not able to accept any plant tour bookings until further notice.
The re-opening of plant tours will be communicated in due course.

  Question   Answer  
  Who can come on a tour?   The tour is open to all members of the public. This includes various types of public and privates schools and businesses.  
  Which gate should we arrive at?   Please arrive at Gate 1 reception on Frans Du Toit Road. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your plant tour. Ensure that you arrive with your completed indemnity form in hand. BMW reserves the right to cancel your tour if you arrive more than 15 minutes late.  
  What does the plant tour entail?   On arrival, you will be escorted to the venue from the main gate. The tour guide will proceed to give you a presentation on the plant, go through the safety guideline and gear you up in Physical Protective gear. You will go on to the Body-In-White, Paint Shop and the last tour sight will be the assembly line.  
  Will there be lunch served?   No, unfortunately there will be no lunch served. However, we have a canteen facility available on the premises and you are more than welcome to make arrangements with the canteen manager after your tour booking has been confirmed. The details will be provided on request.  
  How many people can come at a time?   There is a maximum of 20 people per tour session.  
  What is the minimum number of people?   There is no set minimum. However, smaller groups will be mixed with another group to make groups of 20.  
  How many sessions a day?   We host plant tours Monday to Friday, twice a day. The first session is from 09:00-12:00 the second session is from 13:00-16:00.  
  Are children allowed on the tour?   Yes, children are allowed. Please note that children under the age of 8 will not be allowed on the tour for safety reasons.  
  What is the dress code?   Please ensure that you wear closed toe flat shoes as the tour is a 2.5 km walk. Long pants are also advisable.  
  Can we get a presentation from and engineer or someone in management?   A formal request on a letter head must be submitted to the communications department. The requested will be submitted and a response will be given. Please provide a document containing information on the group, their interest and desired outcome of the tour.  
  I have a pacemaker, what must I do?   Please ensure that this information is highlighted in the booking and also provided to the plant tour guide on the day of the tour. People with pacemakers may not take part in the full Body-In-White section of the tour as it is highly automated and may interfere with the pacemaker.  
  I am an internal employee of BMW. Can I bring people for a plant tour?   Yes, you are more than welcome to a have your guests come through for a plant tour.  
  I can no longer come, what should I do?   Please ensure that you notify us at least 24 hours before your tour date. If you cancel your tour less than 48 hours prior to your plant tour date, you will be banned from making further plant tour bookings.