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BMW South Africa was established in 1975 when it acquired full shareholding in Praetor Monteerders, which, at the time, assembled BMW's at its factory in Rosslyn, Pretoria. The factory was owned by the two Pretorius brothers and was established in 1968 as Praetor Monteerders Assembly.

They were assembling the Willies Jeep, Citroen and Colt mixed with the BMW models of the 3, 5, 7 and 8 Series. The mixture of these models did not augur well with the mother company BMW Germany consequently in 1974 Praetor Motors was bought out and BMW Group South Africa (Pty) (Ltd), which is the first BMW Plant outside Germany, was established. It started as a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) plant where a vehicle was supplied in a kit form and associates only assembled the cars for the local market.

Today Plant Rosslyn produces the 3 Series, four-door model range in both right and left-hand drives for local and overseas markets elevating its status to that of a world-class plant. Due to rapid expansion a neighbouring company known as Huguenot Porcelain was bought out to set up the Engine Plant and consensus was reached with the Pretoria City Council to purchase Frans du Toit Street which runs through the plant to become part of Plant Rosslyn.

In 1996 BMW's R1 billion investment in the Rosslyn Plant paved the way for the upgrade of the production facility into one of the most modern in the world. This earned the local plant the right to be known as "BMW World Plant Rosslyn".

In June 2002, BMW's Plant Rosslyn was awarded the highly prestigious J.D. Power and Associates' European Gold Plant Quality Award, ranking it first among European plants for quality and beating renowned car manufacturing plants throughout the globe. Plant Rosslyn has managed to achieve the best quality cars not only in South Africa but the world over. By actively involving associates and giving them a high level of training and responsibility, it helps in implementing measures for quick improvement and reacting flexibly to change initiatives and requirements.

To date, an average of 75 000 BMW 3 Series sedans are produced at BMW Plant Rosslyn per annum, of which just fewer than 90% are directly destined for export markets - going to countries such as the United States, Canada and Japan among others. Parts that amount to 80% of the local content are supplied by about 47 suppliers throughout the country and only 20% of the parts are imported. Over 36 000 jobs have been created within BMW's South African supplier network by the production of the 3 series at Plant Rosslyn. These parts are delivered JIT (Just in Time) and others JIS (Just in Sequence). Popular amongst our suppliers is our neighbour (MA) Magneto Automotive that supplies us with galvanised steel and does all our metal pressings.





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