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BMW's plant at Landshut has been an important part of the BMW Group's international production network since 1967. Some 3,000 associates at the facility produce engine components such as cylinder heads and crankcases from alloy castings, as well as instrument panels, bumpers, plastic interior and exterior components, drive shafts and reconditioned engines. The components produced at Landshut are delivered to the BMW Group car and engine production plants around the world. Every BMW Group vehicle therefore contains components from the Landshut plant.

The Landshut Innovation and Technology Centre (LITZ) ensures that the plant is involved in the development processes for new vehicles at an early stage. Since the LITZ was opened on 1 December 1999, Landshut's expertise in innovative materials and manufacturing processes has flowed directly into the construction and production of new components and vehicles. Here highly trained specialists develop innovative materials and manufacturing processes in the area of alloy castings and plastics.

A training centre was opened at BMW's Landshut plant in 1987, and around 100 young people are currently following training programmes in six different professions at this careers and information facility.

As an important partner in the region, BMW's Landshut plant is keen to meet its social responsibilities and supports a variety of charitable organisations and events.

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