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With the opening of the Leipzig vehicle pant in 2005, the BMW Group created additional production capacities and currently produces automobiles there for customers all over the world. The BMW X1, the 5-door BMW 1 Series, the Coupé and the Convertible are all built in Leipzig. One of the world's most modern and sustainable automobile factories has been established. One exceptional feature of this plant, which has already received numerous awards, is the central building with its innovative design language and open-plan spatial structure. Being the heart of the production facility, the building establishes a link between administration and production, facilitating fast communication and a free flow of information.

In 2011, production of a test fleet comprising a limited quantity of BMW ActiveE vehicles began. The BMW ActiveE is a solely electrically powered BMW based on the BMW 1 Series.

2013 saw the commencement of series production of the BMW i3 and the BMW i8 - two future-oriented cars featuring alternative drive concepts and an innovative lightweight body construction.

Apart from conventional automobile production, the BMW Group also focuses in Leipzig on the production of vehicles featuring electric drive and CFRP lightweight body construction. To this end, the company invested up to 2013 around 400 million Euros in the extension of the plant, thereby creating approximately 800 jobs.

In July 2013, the BMW Leipzig plant took four wind turbines into service on the factory premises. These Nordex wind turbines have a total power output of 10 MW and produce around 26 GWh of electricity per year. This is more than is required for future production of electric cars. Investor and operator of the wind turbines located on the factory premises is the company wpd, one of Germany's leading designers and operators of wind parks. The electricity produced by the wind turbines is used entirely at the plant and not fed into the public grid. It is distributed on the factory grounds via a central power supply facility. The wind turbines cover about a fifth of the overall power requirement at the BMW Leipzig plant. Hence, the wind power is also utilized in other areas and for securing the base load when, for example, the production of electric vehicles is halted.

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