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Agility and the economy are priority for the BMW Group's worldwide production Network. The BMW Group operates on a global scale and is represented in more than 140 countries. Our research and innovation network is spread over a total of 28 locations in 13 countries on four continents. The production Network includes Mini and Rolls Royce which are both produced in Great Britain. BMW motorcycles are manufactured in Berlin.

At BMW we pride ourselves in our consistent standards of quality, safety, and processes at all locations guarantying worldwide premium products "made by BMW Group". The careful use of resources is the guiding principle behind all our production planning and an integral part of the entire production process. As a corporation, we take responsibility for society wherever we are. We aim to be an active, fair partner for these regions and their inhabitants.

Our concept of "living" structures enables the BMW Group to react flexibly to customer demands and market requirements throughout the world. This includes flexible working time models, and work time accounts, as well as the capability to build additional numbers of certain models in other plants, if necessary.

BMW Group's production network displays its special strengths whenever the corporation plans a new site or introduces new vehicle models. The intelligent linking of knowledge, exploring beyond the boundaries of a plant as well as the exceptional commitment, responsibility, and identification of BMW employees enable production to begin right on time - with our customary high quality products.





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