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The Process.

The production process of our vehicles goes through 3 distinct shops. Each area goes through specific technology that is applied to ensure optimal quality of our vehicles prior to customer delivery.

The first stage begins in the Body-In-White shop whereby the car body metal sheets (including doors, bonnets and boot lids) are assembled. Once the front end, rear end, centre floor, middle side frame, and the outer side frame have been assembled to complete the shell of a vehicle, it then proceeds to the Body Wash Station. All dirt and oily residues that accumulated in the Body-In-White shop are then removed.

Vehicles then move onto the next stage in the Paint Shop. The first objective is to clean all dirt and oily residue, phosphate and E-coat the shell. This procedure is done by dipping the body front end first through a 16 tank process. The completion of the E-Coat is signified by a feint light grey shell, it is then taken to be dried and placed in a 200 degrees Celsius oven for 45 minutes.

The unit is then lowered to the off-line buffer for cooling. Once the unit has cooled it is taken to the sealer line where body seams are sealed and sound proofing material is added. It is hoisted up and robotically sprayed in a process called 'under body Rubberising'.

The body then passes through to the Application Plant where primer is applied once all the seams are sealed. There are 4 types of prime; black, white, red and grey. The body then passes through a furnace where the primer dries on to the frame.

The last stage of the Paint Shop involves the application of either a metallic or solid base coat to the vehicle. It then goes through an infrared flash-off zone where the water in the paint evaporates. Clear coat that results in the final gloss and metallic shine is applied. The vehicle body is then moved to a storage area before being taken to the Assembly plant.

The Paint Shop can accommodate over 200 units per day, while 13 units per hour are spray-painted. The Paint Shop is fully air conditioned and absolutely pressurised and the air is filtered through five filtering stages and supplied at a temperature of between 24 and 27 Degrees Celsius, with a humidity controlled at between 60 and 65%.

Plant Rosslyn uses water-based paint which contains 80% less solvents than found in conventional paint recipes. The Assembly Plant, unlike the Body-in-White and the Paint Shop, is the area where manual labour reigns supreme and is attested by the presence of only 6 robots in the entire core, even though the Assembly Plant employs more associates than any other department in Plant Rosslyn. The Assembly line associates produce hundreds of personalised customer features on every car built. The cycle time for associates per station is 4 minutes.