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World Class, Our Promise.

Plant Rosslyn delivers world-class quality products to customers across the globe. All production operations are managed for delivering uncompromising, optimum quality. Each and every process involved in manufacturing the car is checked for process capability and inspections are implemented where required.

Parts fitted into the car are assessed every step of the way from Supplier to Plant and the supplier's production facilities are audited against process conformity at pre-determined intervals.

In recognition of its commitment to quality, Plant Rosslyn won the J.D. Power and Associates' Quality Award in three separate occasions:

Product Quality Standards Monitoring
To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, the build quality of the vehicles produced at Plant Rosslyn is measured through a process called Complete Product Audit. This audit compares the quality of a unit to the customer's requirements, including technical specifications, fitment and function. These audits are performed throughout the build process at specified points. These strict audit standards are set at BMW Germany by the Central Quality department and are the same for all BMW plants.

Striving Towards Excellence
Sustainable excellence can only be achieved through adopting a structured framework enabling the planning, achievement and measurement of performance against the appropriate key business processes and management systems. Business success is therefore measured and reported in accordance with set targets based on the EFQM Excellence Model where Enabler targets cover the approach and deployment of policy and strategy and Results targets cover key business results. Frequent review by BMW's top management ensures continuous adherence to these targets.

Quality by Measurement and Analysis
The Analysis and Test Centre (ATC) plays a major role in the drive for quality at Plant Rosslyn through its involvement in all dynamic aspects of the vehicle as well as complex problem analysis. Numerous tests are performed on vehicles and their components covering tyres and suspension, acoustics, electrics/electronics (E/E), endurance, engine and fatigue. These tests are important to determine the effect of South African conditions on locally and imported designs and parts.

As 80% of the vehicle functions are controlled by E/E, specific intensive tests are conducted on vehicles to obtain the maximum customer satisfaction. The introduction of new integration levels for electronic control units (hardware and software) gets validated, controlled and released by the E/E team.

As the material centre of competence for Plant Rosslyn, the Central Laboratory contributes by ensuring stable processes and process results.

It is an integral part of Plant Rosslyn's Quality Organization with technological links to the global BMW Labortechnik Organization. The dual role provides us with an intricate worldwide network from which we can obtain resources and information.

The Laboratory is a neutral department which bases its findings on figures, data and facts during investigations. Its expert opinions are acknowledged within the BMW Group as well as in a court of law.

Central Laboratory's main tasks include:
Qualification of materials and quality conformance checks of incoming and processed materials.
Chemical release - The controlling the chemicals used in Plant Rosslyn regarding their function as well as international health, safety and environmental standards.
Material supplier development - develop suppliers and support in-house manufacturing of finished products such as adhesives, sealers, pre-treatment chemicals and paint products in Body-in-White, Paint Shop and Assembly.
Problem solving - root cause analysis of failed investigations and detailed forensic analysis.
Steering of Plant Performance, to Meet Customer Expectations and Satisfaction
The delivered quality and long-term reliability performance of vehicles produced at Plant Rosslyn is measured through various sensors (internal and external).

These sensors include:

These results of these sensors benchmarked against other plants in the BMW Group.

Launch and Change Control
The Quality of newly introduced vehicles and options is secured in the Launch and Change Control Department.

This is done in a three-pronged approach:

Launch Control plans the introduction of new models and options through the build of Pre-Series cars. This is a project management function that steers the complete project across the whole plant. The changes steered are on complete vehicle level and will typically include upgraded engines, gearboxes, colours and options.
Change Control ensures the Quality introduction of changes to parts and modules during the Series production process. The parts availability, parts quality, tool changes and training are the main factors to be coordinated.
Methodology assures the quality of the vehicle build of Pre-Series cars, and drives the problem-solving process up to the Start of Production. Methodologists are considered to be product experts on new vehicle content.