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Dear Reader,

The purpose of this report is to communicate our safety, health and environmental practices to members of the public. In the 21st century, technology and its implementation have dramatically improved the living conditions of people in the industrialised countries of the world. The spread of technical developments across the globe has been both a focus and a result of entrepreneurial activities. Today, the world expects industrial companies to act responsibly in their use of technology. This responsibility encompasses questions of available raw materials, sources of energy and in the case of a car manufacturing company committed to mobility, the entire sphere of mobility. Demands for protection of the environment, safety and health are unquestionably justified.

It should be possible for mankind to enjoy mobility, knowledge and health and a better quality of life without damaging or impairing our planet. Today, more than ever, responsible use of technology represents the very cornerstone of any genuinely future-orientated corporate company. Openness is thus an imperative, providing insights into decisions taken and their underlying considerations. Complex systems must be rendered more transparent. Taken into consideration that the cars taking shape in the development departments will be on the market in three to four years and continue to be manufactured for a further seven or eight years, and also that vehicles produced today will continue to be used for a further eleven to twelve years, decisions made today have an effect over almost a quarter of a century, not to mention the long term repercussions of irresponsible waste disposal.

In 1999, Plant Rosslyn became the first in the automotive industry to receive recognition for its Integrated Management System. This achievement was only the beginning of the great journey towards excellence for the plant. At BMW SA we believe that progress is only sustainable if it is accompanied with a value system, thus we are reaching far beyond the borders of our plant to better the lives of the communities that our employees live in through different community projects.

This report does not give the plant's economic performance - for further information please see BMW Group Annual Report on We trust that you will enjoy this report and find it interesting in terms of the information we have provided about Plant Rosslyn's sustainability performance. Should you require further information on any aspect of our business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mr Joerg Bause
Director: Technical & Logistics - BMW South Africa





Our People
Environment and Sustainability