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Swindon Pressings Ltd. was founded in 1955 by the Pressed Steel Company. On 9 May 2000 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of the BMW Group. The Swindon plant is approximately 1.5 hours west of London by car and has highly complex press lines and sub-assembly facilities.

With 16 fully automated press lines, including three coil blanking lines, and sub-assembly facilities covering more than 26,000 m², Swindon produces high-quality steel pressings and complex sub-assemblies. Roughly 800 employees produce, for example, 90% of body components for the MINI including all the skin panels and closure assemblies.

Plant Swindon also manages the logistics of "Direct Delivery" to the MINI plant at Oxford. Parts are despatched from Swindon against call-offs from the customer and are delivered to unloading decks line-side in Plant Oxford. This lean manufacturing initiative has reduced stocks of components to a minimum.

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