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In 1990 BMW AG launched body production for the 3 Series Convertible in Wackersdorf. A dynamic phase began four years later with the development of an industrial estate: BMW interior production for the BMW 3 Series and ten suppliers set up shop there. In 1996 the Foreign Production Supply Centre was made part of the Innovation Estate. Three years later 3 Series body production was transferred back to the plant in Regensburg.

Today BMW cockpit supply, BMW foreign supply and other suppliers are based at the Wackersdorf location. At BMW cockpit production up to 4,000 instrument panels for the BMW 1 and 3 Series are produced daily. The Supply Centre Wackersdorf sends over 2.5 million parts every day to partners in the BMW production network in order to supply the international production plants of BMW Group and other assembly partners on four continents with vehicle parts.The suppliers manufacture components for the BMW plant in Regensburg and the BMW production network. In addition, SGL ACF GmbH, a joint venture between BMW AG and SGL Group, has recently begun production of carbon-fibre multi-axial fabrics for the BMW electric vehicle BMW i.

About 2,000 people are employed at the Wackersdorf Innovation Estate, of these around a third at BMW.

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